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Ian Campbell


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Kevin Jacobs

Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions, Epiq

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Amir Mirheydar

Principal, Trivest

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Drew Stern

CEO, Esquify

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Bob Polus

CEO, Xact Data Discovery

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Sue Pasfield

Founding Director, Capensys

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Trent Livingston

CEO, esianalyst

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Clem Elgazzar


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David Moran

President, XDD

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Tony Lehr

CEO, LightSpeed

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Alexander Sappington

Principal, Woodland Coast Partners

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Norm Mullock

Global Head of Corporate Development, Harbor

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Oleh Hrycko

President, H&A eDiscovery

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Tony Caputo

CEO, CloudNine

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Andy Reisman

CEO, Elijah

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Kenya Dixon

General Counsel & COO, ETRM

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Jonathan Rossi


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Liam Brown

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