Pre-Acquisition Consulting

Is your organization considering an acquisition of a Legal Technology or Legal Services company? If so, Arbor Ridge Partners can provide vertical expertise.

The Legal Technology and Legal Services vertical is extremely nuanced and insular and can be difficult to navigate. Abor Ridge Partners has a combined 75 years’ worth of deep industry expertise, and our pre-transaction buy-side due diligence consulting service can help reveal risks and opportunities so you can make a better decision about how and whether to proceed.

Focus and Clarity

It is critical that you fully understand your target acquisition. With our unique industry experience, we can help uncover the story behind the numbers. We deliver much-needed industry depth to inform and help you mitigate risk, evaluate growth opportunities, and assess valuation.

Arbor Ridge Partners’ pre-acquisition due diligence and consulting services draws out answers based on our industry experience and expertise, our credibility as a neutral observer in the marketplace, and our unique capabilities. A typical engagement includes an analysis of key areas, including:

  • Market dynamics
  • Growth opportunities
  • Sources of competitive advantage and potential weaknesses
  • State of the technology and technical infrastructure
  • Business operations and personnel
  • Post-Acquisition integration strategies, synergies, and pit-fall avoidance

Legal Technology and Legal Services transactions are complex. We provide solutions to help simplify.

To optimize your due-diligence process for a legal technology or legal services business

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