Exit Planning

Often, the difference between an acquisition that generates exceptional returns for the seller of a Legal Technology & Legal Services business and one that disappoints depends on the forethought, positioning and execution that leads up to the exit.

Through our Exit Planning service, Arbor Ridge Partners helps Legal Technology & Legal Services companies maximize profitability and M&A outcomes by implementing business strategies and an exit roadmap tailored to the company.

Why Arbor Ridge Partners?

Through direct experience building and selling numerous companies in the Legal Technology & Legal Services industry, Arbor Ridge Partners’ Exit Planning helps clients maximize profitability and M&A outcomes through a multi-tiered consulting process:

  • Positioning For Performance, by identifying growth opportunities and putting the company on a path to achieve them.
  • Sales & Marketing Analysis, to determine existing strengths and weaknesses and to help bolster, create, and build the right sales and marketing teams and initiatives for the legal technology industry.
  • Execution Of Business Initiatives, through the development of measurable goals and objectives and providing the tools to execute.
  • Analysis of Financials to ensure that the books and records are recorded in the most clear and efficient manner to make the company more attractive to prospective buyers and to streamline the diligence process.
  • Earnings Analysis to reduce costs and expenses and increase EBIDA and ultimately generate a better M&A outcome.
  • Evaluating The Optimal Exit Approach, by assessing industry trends and finding the right potential buyers to achieve the business owners’ goals and objectives.
When Should You Start Planning For Your Exit?

The short answer is anywhere from a few months to a few years before your planned exit.

The earlier you start planning, the higher the likelihood that you will meet your goals and objectives and maximize your earnings and outcome. Even if you decide not to sell your business in the short term, Arbor Ridge Partners’ clients experience increased revenue and profitability and the Exit Planning process pays for itself many times over.

If you plan to exit your Legal Technology & Legal Services business within the next 5 years, the time is now to start working on your business and bringing under your control, the many moving parts that are required to accomplish a successful exit.

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